“In the distorted image of the city of graves”: familiar problems

Known problems:

  • Minor translation and localization errors
  • The quest “Mirrored Memories” can be accepted daily from the instance NPC (see attached screenshot). The aim of the quest is to open the last chest (“mirror chest”) in the instance, which is possible after defeating the last boss “Krodamon & Krodamar”. As soon as this is done, the quest is finished and the reward can be collected from the NPC. The NPC is located in the Howling Mountains, next to the “Mysterious Hermit” NPC.
  • In the new daily quest “Mirrored Memories”, experience is deducted if you have more than 100% additional experience bonus.
    At the moment, we do not recommend gaining an additional experience bonus when completing the quest.

We would like to assure you that our team is already working on fixing the issues mentioned and that we will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

Your RoM team

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