Hello, I’ve been thinking about which resources are best to buy if you want to convert Old Mementos and Gold into Guildmats. These are the Mats from Windklippendorf, Nördlichen Janostwald, Jammerförde and Enoch, here as an example the ores:

MaterialMemosGoldGuild contributionMatsproMemoMatspro1kGoldCombined@3k…@6k
Zinc sand1490030030061,2237,9727,52
Dark crystal425200150037559,5240,3230,49
Witch iron630250210035069,4243,5231,70
Deep silver1034750270027077,7041,7028,50
Silver star3044000420014095,4531,3418,75

As a general rule, the low mats cost more gold and fewer memos, while the high mats tend to cost more memos and less gold.

  • If you have a lot of gold and want to make as many guild mats as possible from your memos, dark crystal (or wood/herbs for 4 memos and 25k gold) (wind cliff village) is the best thing you can buy.
  • On the other hand, if you have a lot of memos and want to save gold, you should buy the highest available, which currently means argentite (or wood/herbs) from Enoch, Azurwehr.
  • For a good average you should consider the value memo gold price. If you calculate between 3k and 6k gold per memo, witch iron (or wood/herbs for 6 memos) (wind cliff village) is best. The two combined columns show how much gold you pay when you buy the memos.

If you know of any other cheap Mats I would be happy to hear from you. And if the memo rate is not 3 to 6k for you, write me a message and I’ll take a closer look.

I have attached my table (packed as a zip, LibreOffice / OpenOffice / Excel) if you want to do the math yourself.

Here is a small example of how this is reflected (at unfavorable memo/gold prices):

  • The guilds “Rockefeller” and “Aperture Science” each generate 24k memos and 151kk gold this month.
  • “Rockefeller” spends everything on 6000 dark crystal sandbags and ends up with 9kkguildmats
  • “Aperture Science” buys 2700 memos at a price of 6k gold/memo. Then you have 26700 memos and 135kk gold. They can now buy approx. 4450 witch iron sand bags from this and thus have approx. 9.35kkguild mats
  • The next month is rather lean and the guilds run a lot of grottoes. Now they have 30k memos and 44kk gold.
  • “Rockefeller” buys 1000 argentite sandbags and receives 5.1kk guildmats
  • “Aperture Science” initially sells 13.3k memos at a price of 3k gold/memo and thus has 16.7k memos and 84kk gold. From this they now buy approx. 2780 witch iron sand bags and thus have approx. 5.84kk guild mats.