The “Dasein’s Labyrinth”

  1. General
  2. The boss “Dasein”
  3. The labyrinth

Labyrinth video

  1. General

There is a portal in front of Varana’s bridge (looks like the Sorcerer’s skill: Saces’ Embrace)

Minimum level: 75+

By clicking on it, you can enter the anteroom in exchange for gold or mysterious transport medium from the store for 40x slide per.

Accessions are staggered as follows:

first entry = 250,000 gold

second entry = 1,000,000 gold

third entry = 4,000,000 gold

The reset for entries is currently 01:00 in summer time.

In winter time it would then be 00:00.

Even if Darcoon states here: “The price is reset every night around 2 a.m.”, this is not true in reality, but how could it be if nobody tests it!

fourth entry = 1x mysterious transport medium

fifth entry = 2x mysterious transport medium

sixth entry and each following = 4x mysterious transport medium

In the anteroom there are three portals and funny NPCs with sayings and the names of the event team who created this part.

Portal (visually orange) : Mysterious volcano (boss see point 2)

Portal (visually orange) : Mysterious prairie (labyrinth see point 3)

Portal (visually like Saces’ embrace again) : Exit

By entering the Mysterious Volcano you will find yourself in the boss room…

Boss exit can only be used if it is not active or you are not in the fight, then through the gap in the corner

  1. The boss “Dasein”

Level 103 with roughly 500kk life

Collection of loot on Baldr

(unfortunately not everyone got the bound stuff)

There is 10x loot, which is made up of the pool:

Mysterious golden key (fixed)

Old treasure chest key (fixed)

Redemption of the phoenix (fixed)

Angel’s sigh (solid)

100x Scarlet watermelon seeds (solid)

10 Storage for the Arcane Transformer (random)

2x Simple repair hammer of the master (random)

Phirius potion/elixir/special waters – type A (random)

Phirius potion/elixir/special waters – type B (random)

3x weapon stone of the elves (random)

3x Armor Stone of the Elves (random)

3x Elven gemstone (random)

  1. The labyrinth

When you enter the “Mysterious Prairie” portal, the three-minute timer runs down and the race begins.

The red treasure chests can be opened without a key and the purple treasure chests can only be opened with a secret golden key.

(from the store for 25 slides and with luck from the red treasure chest)

There are also rune traps in the labyrinth,

which, if trampled on carelessly, lose -50% movement speed for ten seconds

and by clicking on it a buff with +50% movement speed for ten seconds.

Loot from the labyrinth

Red treasure chestViolet treasure chest
Master wingstone (13-20)Small flawless package
Weapon Stone of the Elf Master (13-20)First-class hardened weapon stone of the elves (17-20)
Armor Stone of the Elf Master (13-20)First-class hardened elven armor stone (17-20)
Gemstone of the Elf Master (13-20)First-class hardened gemstone of the elves (17-20)
Banking role II (7 days)Banking role II (7 days)
Backpack voucher III (7 days)Daily request card
Phirius potion / water / elixir from A to EAngel’s sigh
two opened potion of the bag bottlesRedemption of the phoenix
3x random fireworksCompanion experience amulet
10 charge for the Arcane TransformerAccompanying training amulet
Mysterious golden keyDazzling old treasure chest
Flying rune disk in a bag (7 days)Flying rune disk in bag (30 days) (#Thanks to Tris)
NEW : 10x Scarlet watermelon seeds
(only with active event)
Flying rune disk in bag (Permanent) (#Thanks to Carmen55)
NEW : 15x Phirius mussels
NEW : 1x Proof of the Myth (hardcover)