Ready for an adventure in which you will encounter former allies and old enemies and which will put your skills to the toughest test yet? Journey to the Ystra highlands near Schneehorn to join the Mystic Altar (difficult) to reach. Prepare well, take a few capable hero friends with you on your journey and face the seven boss opponents!

The Mystic Altar (difficult)

  • Prerequisite: Unlocked both classes at level 100 + summit levels and accepted the quest “Knowledge of the Elders” from Shamar
  • Entrance: In the  Ystra highlands near Schneehorn
  • Maximum group size: 12 players

Powerful opponents

You should already be familiar with the enemies from the first version of the Mystic Altar for level 45. But now they are much stronger and surprise you with new attacks and tactics!

  • Flaming nightmare
  • Evil ice spirit
  • Cursed iron golem
  • Razeela
  • Aukuda the cursed
  • Dorlos

You will also meet a new boss with whom you will have to compete:

  • Aukuda the hero

Outstanding rewards

Anyone who bravely ventures into the depths of the new instance will be richly rewarded! You receive rewards directly from the destroyed bosses as well as from the various Mystic’s chests, which you can exchange with adventurer Loric.

Accessories of the mystic

Earrings, rings and necklaces with powerful new values and set bonuses await you!

  • Accessories with intelligence bonus: Cunning Dark Mystic, Cunning Sun Mystic and Cunning Ancestor Mystic set
  • Accessories with wisdom bonus: set of the enlightened dark mystic, the enlightened sun mystic and the enlightened ancestor mystic
  • Accessories with skill bonus: set of the fast dark mystic, the fast sun mystic and the fast ancestor mystic
  • Accessories with bonus strength: Angry Dark Mystic, Angry Sun Mystic and Angry Ancestor Mystic set
  • Accessories with bonus stamina: Unbending Dark Mystic, Unbending Sun Mystic and Unbending Ancestor Mystic set

Further rewards

  • Daily quest: Go to the new NPC adventurer Loric at the instance entrance to receive the daily quest.
  • New titles
  • Summit experience points … and much more!

Known problems

  • During the final boss “Dorlos”, when interacting with the crystals during the crystal phase, there are untranslated localization keys. However, their significance is crucial and is therefore listed below.
  • GF_Z261_7_4: Correct crystal has been selected
  • GF_Z261_7_5: Wrong crystal was chosen (leads to the death of the player character)
  • When Mystic Tauris Shard is used to upgrade the rarity of instance accessories, their durability, upgrade level, or stats will not be changed. So you don’t have to worry about losing any improvements and upgrades that you have attached to the accessories.