Malatina’s game of life and death 

(or in short: survival game

Your task is to dig up 36 fields within 10 minutes, open the 12 crates and survive. 

The rewards are guild raw materials, simple repair hammers, Phirius potions, Phirius elixirs, Phirius special waters, raw materials for crafting (adapted to the player level), materials for building musical instruments, level IV runes, Phirius tokens, recipes for boss furniture and a charge for the Arcane Transformer. If the primary class is at least level 50, you will receive an additional 30 Phirius shells. The opponents also drop cleansing runes .

There are also 3 different titles to achieve, all of which can be used in the title system:

  • Survivor of Malatina’s game for successfully completing the task. Simply contact Malatina again.
  • Malatinike for completing the task 30 times. This title also provides three useful bonuses: +15 physical defense, +2 to all attributes and +100 maximum health points. 
  • King of the moles when you have completed the task 100 times. This title also brings three bonuses: +25 physical defense, +6 to all attributes and +200 maximum health points. 

As soon as you speak to Malatina in the town square of Varanas, she will offer you the chance to take part in the “Survival Game” for 30 Phirius tokens. As soon as you have accepted the challenge, you will be transported to the event area. 

The game takes place in a separate area to which only you have access. So you won’t be disturbed by other players here. Hill Joker awaits you there to explain the rules, take you back to the town square or start the event. You can also reach an “Other agreement” via the rules. In exchange for a potion “Redemption of the Phoenix“, Hill Joker removes the guards and you only have to dig up the fields. 

As soon as you have accepted the challenge directly or handed Hill Joker the “Redemption of the Phoenix“, the game begins and the time starts to run. From now on, you have 10 minutes to dig up all 36 tiles and open the 12 crates. Malatina’s wand, in the middle of the playing field, is connected to the Bizarre Machines at the edge of the playing field and casts various area spells as soon as you come between the wand and a Bizarre Machine . As soon as you have destroyed a Bizarre Machine , a Guarding Rock Spirit appears. This also has to be removed before the tile can be dug up.

Once you have fought your way free of the tile and dug it up, you have four options:

  • one of 12 chests on the playing field 
  • a bomb (small, medium or large) that does damage and knocks you down with different ranges 
  • an elite opponent that you also have to defeat 
  • an empty square, whereupon Malatina’s wand either heals, accelerates or knocks down and deals damage 

There is support in the four corners of the pitch. Healing is available to the right of the entrance and diagonally on the other side. In the other two corners you can be teleported and end up at the entrance on the right. 

The level of the opponents depends on your own level: 

Level of the player Guarding rock spirit Guarding defender Cliff demon 
1-30 20 20 25 
21-35 25 25 30 
36-45 30 30 35 
46-49 35 35 40 
50-100 10 levels lower 10 levels lower 5 levels lower 

In contrast to other minigames, a higher player level or better equipment hardly brings any advantages here. However, a title with a faster movement speed and Boundless Enthusiasm gives you a speed advantage. Attention! The Boundless Enthusiasm is automatically removed when you enter the playing field, but can be renewed. 

The rewards are nothing special, but if you want to upgrade or expand your guild castle, you are welcome to take the materials with you. You’ll also have all the recipes at some point and you’ll only need the runes for the Haidon buff. With the Simple Repair Hammer and the materials for instrument building as well as the one charge for the Arcane Converter, you can only attract a few players. However, the titles in the title system are really interesting. King of the Moles brings a 20% drop rate (the other two 10% and 15% respectively). A worthwhile bonus for card farmers.