Version 0.1.0


Published with the express permission of the author.

Please create a backup of your previous login account beforehand.


  • Fix for “Load server list”, even without storing account data
  • Storage of the primary and secondary password and login via “NoCheckVersion”
  • Enter the secondary password when logging in via Steam or Gameforge Client
  • Revised server selection
  • Revised character creation with optional name generator
  • Selection of “NoCheckVersion” characters and accounts to be logged in via labelable lists
  • Storing notes on accounts
  • Log in to a default channel


This addon cannot be used simultaneously with other Autologin addons. These must therefore be removed. To install, unzip the .zip archive and copy the folder “loginxml” into the folder (installation folder of Rom)/interface.

Set up for NoCheckVersion accounts

Entering the login data

In the file data/accounts.lua:

_defaultPassword = ‘PASSWORD’,

Specification of a default primary password, which is used if the account does not appear in the account list below:


Specification of an account name with primary and secondary password:


Only the primary password, the secondary password can be found in password.lua or is entered manually

Setting up the account or character selection

The following options are available:

[1] = { – List 1
_title = “test”, – Title of the list, for example “Stock chars”
acc = ‘ACCOUNT’, – account name
srv_sel = ‘SERVER’, – Preselected server
chars = {
‘CHARACTER/NOTE’, – preselect
}, –
}, –
note = ‘NOTE’,
}, – login account
{acc = ‘ACCOUNT’, srv_sel = ‘SERVER’}, – Login until server selection, server is selected but must still be confirmed
{acc = ‘ACCOUNT’, srv = ‘SERVER’, char = ‘CHARACTER’, note = ‘NOTE’}, – Login directly into the game
{acc = ‘ACCOUNT’, srv = ‘SERVER’, note = ‘NOTE’}, – Login to character selection
[2] = nil, – this list is not displayed

Setting up pages

On each page there are 2 * account_columns lists that can be filled with accounts or characters.

Entering the secondary password (setting up a Gameforge or a Steam account)

In the file data/password.lua:

Replace all entries in capital letters with the correct data or delete or comment out line by line with -.

Used for Gameforge Launcher Account and Steamaccounts.

If all accounts have the same secondary password, you can use the default password. If not, then you must enter the secondary password for one character per account per server.

For NoCheckVersion, the secondary password can also be specified here, but the secondary password is prioritized in data/accounts.lua.

return {
-_default = “SECPASSWORD”,


channel1Channel to be automatically selected in the selection
show_account_infotrueShows the account name at the top right
account_single_clickfalseThe account is logged in with one click, default is double-click
account_force_showfalseEmpty account lists are not displayed
account_use_slidertrueYou can create multiple pages with accounts/characters. You can switch between them using the slider
account_use_listtrueThe pages should be selected from a list
account_columns5Specifies how many columns of account lists should be displayed
account_page1Which page with accounts/characters should be displayed first at startup
server_single_clickfalseThe server is selected with one click, default is double-click
character_single_clickfalseThe character is logged in with one click, default is double-click
character_login_singletrueIf there is only one character on an account, this character should be logged in directly
character_nologin_ctrltrueIf you log in to an account and you hold down the “Ctrl” key while logging in, the login process stops in the character selection if character_login_single is active
character_sorttrueThe characters are sorted by level. If the value is false, the oldest character is displayed at the top

Fix for “Load server list”

If you get stuck again, simply click on “Cancel” and then on the “Retry” button.