Craft instructions (information without guarantee)

As there are always questions on the subject of craftsmanship, I would like to take some information from the old forum. If you have any suggestions for improvement, additions or the like, feel free to send me (or anyone else from the Runes of team) a message.

Optional information: NPCs responsible for training are listed (the NPCs from all starting areas are not included).

Many thanks to those who have taken the trouble over the years to gather most of the information.

Where can I accept the crafting quests to progress?

The trainers in the Heffner camp offer the training free of charge and without a quest (thanks Rynak for the hint)

AlchemyAlly Paraclus (VW, 29.40)Mary Paraclus (VW, 29.41)Pario Weiss (D, 53.51)Stephen Soky (V, 30.40)
CarpentryLouise Schreiner (V, 26.38)Gene Schreiner (V, 26.36)Jimmy Lim (D, 52.50)Monica Demi (O, 50.21)
Armaments tradeKate Rüst (VW,32,39)Kadien Rüst (VW, 31.40)Ricks Rüst (D, 53.50)Winkus Jo (O, 49.21)
BlacksmithingCancie Schmied (VW, 34.37)Blag Schmied (VW, 34.36)Panchi Hura (D, 53.50)Grate tile Kasa (O, 49.21)
TailoringSam Schneider (VO, 47.22)Rachel Schneider (VO, 48.22)Rez Taylor (D, 53.52)Milles Jone (O, 49.21)
CookingMarlyn Koch (VO, 48.26)Cartisse Koch (VO, 48.26)Francesca Bacon (D, 52.50)Kartos Geyer (VO, 47.25)
HerbologyNata (V, 41,23)Hyber Digg (V, 42.23)Kieron Jabbs (D, 53.50)Kakury Stutt (V0, 49.18)
MiningOlute (V, 43,23)Mayen Digg (V, 42.23)Larissa Pewter (D, 53.50)Godotnut Lynn (VO, 49.19)
LoggingLausan (V, 41,24)Lubert Cudder (V, 42.23)Igor Woods (D, 52.50)Molyfer Noan (VO, 49.18)

Legend: V: Varanas, VW: Varanas – Lower Town West, VO: Varanas – Lower Town East, D: Dalanis, O: Obsidian Fortress

The apprentice trainers are located in the respective starting areas

What collection/crafting skill level can be achieved without a crafting development certificate?

Stage nameLevelMaximum number of collection skillsMaximum number of manufacturing skills
Master craftsman61-8011

Which craft development certificates are available?

The vouchers used only increase the total limit, they do NOT remove the separation between the types of occupation.

Example from the expert:

  • 1 (collect) + 2 (produce) possible experts become either 2+2 or 1+3 possible experts.

Which craft development certificates have I already used?

List of key items:

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Number of bills used and maximum number:

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What furniture is available for the home and what are its benefits?

201392Large alchemy ovenAlchemy60
201391Alchemy bottleAlchemy50
201400Stone stove with two burnersCooking70
201451Stone grillCooking60
201399Small cooking ovenCooking50
201456Iron armor tableArmorsmith60
201455Leather side horseArmorsmith50
201394Brand anvilForging60
201393Forging anvilForging50
201452Weaving machineTailoring70
201453Spinning machineTailoring60
201454Cutting tableTailoring50
201398Wood cutting machineCarpentry60
201397Saw tableCarpentry50

Which runes do I need for which craft?

  • Alchemy – Mixing rune
  • Carpenter – Connect Rune
  • Armorsmith – Ringing Rune
  • Blacksmith – Kälterune
  • Tailor – Disenchantment rune
  • Cooking – Activation rune

Where is the best place to farm/get these runes?

Here is a slightly more complete list of rune drops (Attention! The location information is not 100% correct)