Have your curiosity and thirst for adventure been aroused? Then head to South Aslan now to get to the Tomb City of Mirrors (difficult). Powerful opponents await you there. You should therefore take some of your hero friends with you to face the five boss opponents.

  • Prerequisite: Both classes unlocked at level 100 + summit levels
  • Entrance: Southern Aslan Valley
  • Maximum group size: 12 players

Powerful opponents

The enemies in this instance should already be familiar to you from the first version of the Tomb City of Mirrors for levels 35-40. But now they are much stronger and surprise you with new attacks and tactics!

  • Master Gumas
  • Androlier’s shadow
  • Androlier’s strength
  • Androlier’s prisoner
  • Krodamon & Krodamar

Outstanding rewards

Those who venture into the depths of this instance with courage will be richly rewarded! You receive rewards directly from the destroyed bosses and from the precious Mirror chest that awaits you deep in the instance.

Equipping the mirrors

Armor items and weapons with powerful new stats and set bonuses await you!

  • Fabric armor for magicians: Mirror Mystery set
  • Cloth armor for healers: Set of mirror light
  • Leather armor: mirror shadow set
  • Chain armor: mirror thickness set
  • Plate armor: Mirror bulwark set
  • Various weapons + side hand

Further rewards

  • Daily Quest: Go to the new NPC adventurer Calym in the Howling Mountains region (Logar) to receive the daily quest.
  • New titles
  • Summit experience points