Maintenance compensation

Dear Community,

As you know, the recent server downtime has unfortunately dragged on a bit. We really appreciate your patience. To make up for lost time, we have planned a special compensation event for all servers.

From Friday, 17.11., 00:01 to Sunday, 19.11, 23:59 (server time):
+300% EXP / +300% TP / +200% Drop

From today (15.11.) until Monday, 20.11, 12:00 noon we will also be

Activate extra summit level experience on the training ground (bunker) .

Further events are in preparation. There are still some great things to come!
Your RoM team


To honor your epic patience and good humor during the unexpected extended downtime, we are pleased to present the “Maintenance Madness” contest – where waiting becomes winning!

While you wait for the server merge to finally come to an end, we invite you to participate in a Gleam contest by sharing your maintenance survival story.

Be creative – whether memes, doodles, stories, poems, screenshots or funny moments – you can share anything that reflects your experiences. The only limit is your imagination!

How does that work? Just click on the link below and take part via Gleam!

The 15 best entries will be selected on November 30, 2023 and notified by e-mail within 14 days to receive prizes (1x RoM mug, 1x RoM lanyard each).

The competition is limited to EU countries/servers.

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