“Ultimate Mail Mod 2” is a modified (DE) (DE, EN, FR) version of “Ultimate Mail Mod”.

– to last zone (100 “Chassizz”)

48 Button ( → see post 37)

– Preselection for T6s

– Recipes sorted by profession

Multiple selection of 1 item type with one click → [STRG] or [CTRL] + item (left-click)

Item from the button [Gefahr! T6] (98/99/100s)

must be treated “specially”, as these items only come clean from the ini, have values or are bound as quest rewards.

So 3 different item variants with the same ID → a nightmare when making clean stones

– For a better overview, the first contributions are used for provision/information and updated accordingly.

– Please report an unrecognized item to me with ID and/or name.

– In case of multiple selection and the message “You cannot select bound…” please check items for “Bound”.

– If a shipment is canceled, please check items for “Bound” → Bound items cannot be shipped!

– Sending is no longer possible after xx shipments → Relog, zone change (e.g. open world, house, guild castle) or “short” pause.

Note, suggestion, instruction:

– Download the UMM2 add-on → see post #3

– General → see post #4

– Installation of the AddOn → see post #5

– Preselection for recipients → see post #46

– Instructions on how to make new buttons in general → see post #48