Runes of Magic Collection Guide

Welcome to our Runes of Magic Gathering Guide! If you want to explore the world of Taborea and collect resources, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will focus on the different gathering professions and give you helpful tips on how to gather resources effectively.

Collecting professions in Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic offers various gathering professions that allow you to collect resources in the game world. Here are the three main professions:

  • Herbalism: As an herbalist, you can collect herbs and plants that are used to brew potions and make medicine. You can usually find herbs in meadows and forests. Search for luminous plants to discover herbs.
  • Mining: Mining is an important profession for extracting ores and minerals needed for the production of weapons, armor and jewelry. Search for ore deposits in mountain regions or mines.
  • Woodcutting: With the woodcutting skill, you can extract wood from trees. Wood is needed for the production of furniture, arrows and other objects. Search for large trees in forests to harvest wood.

Tips for effective collecting

Here are some tips to help you gather resources in Runes of Magic:

  1. Discover the game world: Go on an exploration tour and discover new areas. Each area has unique resources that you can find. Make sure you search in different regions to gather a variety of resources.
  2. Use the right tools: Make sure you use the right tools for your collecting job. Each profession requires special tools such as a herb sickle, a pickaxe or an axe. These tools increase your chances of success when collecting.
  3. Collect in groups: Gathering resources in a group can be more effective. You can specialize in different resources and then share them. Collaboration can therefore speed up the procurement of resources.
  4. Use your gathering skills: Regularly improve your gathering skills by investing skill points in your gathering profession. This increases your chances of success when collecting and opens up new opportunities.
  5. Sell or use the resources: You can sell the resources you collect on the marketplace to earn money, or use them yourself for crafting and alchemy recipes.


Collecting resources in Runes of Magic can be very rewarding. Choose one or more gathering professions, explore the world of Taborea and collect valuable resources to improve your crafting skills. With the right tools, a little strategy and a willingness to explore the game world, you will become a successful collector in no time. Have fun collecting and adventuring in Runes of Magic!

Note: This guide provides general information for gathering resources in Runes of Magic. Game settings and conditions may change, so it is advisable to look for additional information in the game or in the community.