–       General

Preservers are the tank class of the elves, but especially as /warrior or /scout they are particularly suitable as DD.

Even if you become a tank with a few additional buffs. (At least on /Warrior)

The guide here will focus primarily on the Bewa as a DD.

Exotics such as /Dudu are excluded for the time being. Although these combos are used in niche areas, they are not often seen.

o    Preserver/Warrior:

By far one of the best solo classes in the game. Can be played as both DD and tank. Can achieve some of the most extreme Def and DMG values in the game and therefore has a stable base in every situation. Whether solo farming world bosses or as a DD in the highest inis.

o    Keeper/customer

A solid mix of support and DD.

Can either be played with the Chiron in a DD role or with the Natural Crystal in a more support-focused role.

The morale boost is always a very welcome DMG buff for the group.

–       Status

This point can be dealt with quite quickly. Chain equipment with 6x strength/physical attack. As a PDD, the highest possible PAtk value is essential for the fulfillment of this task.

The only exception, of course, is the Bewa/Warrior as a tank. In addition to the chain equipment, it is advisable to use plate equipment with a lot of stamina/physical defense and stamina/maximum HP.

–       Setskills

Energy recovery (Mementos Dalanis)

Binding contract (Tomb of the Seven Heroes)

Shadow of the mist (Bethomia)

Confusion of greed (Grotto of horror)

Attack of the animal spirit (bone spike)

–       Rotation

A macro or combat engine is generally recommended for the Preserver due to the way it plays. (Kitty, Diyce)

The high DMG output of the Preserver comes from the fact that the Charged Slash itself does not trigger a Global Cool Down, but only has 1 second CD, which it shares with Power of the Tree Spirit.

For the Rota this generally means that you can always set Charged Slash and one additional skill per Global Cooldown segment. It is possible to control the whole thing by hand, but most people who can do this will not need this guide either way.

o    Kitty Combo for the Bewa/Warrior:

Overview of Das Kitty:

States as follows:

Raging undergrowth:

No condition in the standard Rota. But has no GBC therefore in position 1

Pulse control:

Attack of the animal spirit:

No condition in the standard Rota.

Beast strike:

Cross cut:

No condition. Is self-regulated via its CD.


Hieb spams you otherwise empty your anger. You should always hold wrath for beast strike + pulse check.

The attentive keeper sees this Rota and thinks to himself: Hey. Where is the loaded blow?

As mentioned above, you can always press a normal skill in addition to the Charged Slash. That’s why we write the loaded blow into the macro itself before the kitty rotation.


/cast Charged blow

/run Kitty.attack(“WdW_001”)

/cast attack

Burst rotation:

For even better DMG when running an InI with full support, you can build an additional rotation. We can simply copy the old rotation:

Then simply rename this rotation so that the macro really controls the correct rotation:

For better utilization in fullburst, we add 2 additional states in the rotation:

Raging undergrowth:

Pulse control:

All other skills remain unchanged.

Macro for the 2nd rotation:

/cast Charged blow

/run Kitty.attack(“WdW_Burst”)

/cast attack

o    Kitty Rotation Keeper Scout:

Overview of the Kitty:

States as follows:

Vampire arrow + anti-magic arrow:

Everything else is regulated by the cool-downs.

Of course, you can also make the appropriate settings for the fullburst for this class. The principle and the conditions are the same as for the keeper/warrior. (except of course that the part with pulse control is omitted) That’s why I won’t go into any more detail at this point.

–       Buffrotations

o    Boss rotation DD Preserver/Warrior:

Caviar sandwich

Energy recovery through casting


Rest powder (if you run with a 2nd Bewa/Warrior you can leave it out)

Start music

Wild power

Explosion of power

Strong stimulant

Wait until music is through

Fierce leader

Extinction potion

BK title

Universal potion (If you don’t need to take rest powder, this can be replaced with combat strength


Energy absorption

Confusion of greed

Then bang through your rotation.

o    Bossrota Keeper/Scout:

Caviar sandwich

Start music

Blood arrow

Wild power

Explosion of power

Wait until music is through

The power of oak

Strong stimulant

Morale boost

Extinction potion

BK title


Energy absorption

o    Boss rotation tank keeper/warrior:

Basically 1:1 the same as with the DD, except that you should also rotate your defensive skills accordingly.

And don’t forget the oak spirit!

–       Bufffood:

Standard DD buffs are almost always sufficient.

Maid Patk

Wedding food attributes and Dex/Str/Patk

Transformation: Str/Dex 20% or similar.

Heroic potion

Patk/dmg Food

Everything else depends on the group. Basically: the more patk the better.

As a tank you can still take birthday cake and scarlet love, and accordingly everything that gives LP/def.

Additionally, even if it doesn’t necessarily count as buff food: The class needs a lot of mana so always keep mana potions on CD 😊