Server maintenance – 9.11. 2023

Dear Community,

We will carry out server maintenance on November 9, 2023. It starts at 08:00 (CET) and the servers will not be available during this time.

This server maintenance may take longer than usual.

We will inform you as soon as the maintenance is completed and you can continue your adventures in the wonderful world of Taborea.

[Zusätzliche Informationen]

  • Patch will be implemented. This includes the next festival.
  • The “Pumpkin Festival” is deactivated and the “Autumn Banquet” begins.
  • To the patch notes

[“Tomb City” customizations]

  • Tantrums (enrages) are now more consistent
  • Problems with barriers fixed
  • Boss 1: Improved recognition mechanics for colors. Adds are now recognized and attack players.
  • Boss 3: Movement fixed
  • Boss 4: Improved visibility of fire. The boss has sometimes previously warned of an attack that did not take place.
  • Boss 5: Crashes and phase changes fixed.
  • Daily Quest Summit EXP: Fixed the issue that caused experience to be deleted if too high boosts were applied; now behaves like the rest of the Summit Hunt quests (still doesn’t give extra %).
  • Equipment: The plate belt now has the correct and magical defense.

Your Runes of Magic team

The servers are back online. (10:25)

Please also note the following additional information:

[Fall banquet: Familiar problem]

In the “Switch off” event, the specified schedule is incorrect. Instead of the times specified in the announcement, it takes place every hour. The mission can still be completed.


– Bosses can no longer be kited indefinitely. After a certain time, they will go into a second anger mode.


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