FAQ about the server association

The most important facts about the merge

Will a server merge affect the release of new content and bug fixes?No. The merger is a completely independent GameForge project. In the meantime, Runewaker will continue to work on the game itself as usual and release updates accordingly.

Which servers are planned for the merge and when will it take place?

The servers are merged as follows:

  • EU26 (DE) Kerub → EU5 (DE) KADMOS
  • EU27 (EN) Svidur → EU1 (EN) GAIA

We will announce the exact times for server mergers separately on our homepage, social media and the official forums.

General merge information

  • According to which criteria are accounts taken into account for server merge? There are no restrictions regarding the accounts. We will merge all accounts.
  • What will happen to inactive accounts and players who return after years of inactivity? They will be able to log in and play on the new merged servers.
  • Do we as players have to move our account or does this happen automatically? We are merging servers here. This means that everything happens automatically. Almost like magic
  • How long will the servers be offline during the server merge? It will certainly take longer than a regular server maintenance, an exact time cannot be given.
  • Can players decide for themselves which server they will move to?No, the accounts are merged according to the listed combinations.
  • How many servers are always merged into one and what are the criteria for this? The number of servers that are merged can vary from group to group, as we have selected the size of the server population as a criterion.
  • Have you thought about the economy on the individual servers? The criterion with the greatest weight is the server population. We weighed up the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that a perfect economy is of no value if there are too few players. We have therefore decided to weight the population more heavily than other aspects.
  • Will there be more channels on the merged server? Not right from the start. However, if more channels are required after the merge, we will take this into consideration.

Specific information on the server merge

  • What happens to characters who have the same name? If two characters with the same name collide, the character with the highest level (regardless of class) will keep the name. If both characters have the same level, then the pure playing time will decide, i.e. the character that has been played the longest
  • What happens to guilds that have the same name? The guild with the highest level keeps the name, if the level is the same, the guild on the target server keeps the name.
  • How are house number conflicts dealt with? The houses that are moved are given a new number and assigned to the corresponding character. This will prevent you from ending up in another player’s house.
  • What happens if I have more than 8 characters on my account after the merge? In this case, you will be able to continue playing all characters as normal. However, it will not be possible for you to create new characters until you have less than 8 characters again.
  • Will the merge affect my character in any way? (items, gold, XP/TP, professions, companions, etc.) No, everything that is connected to your character will be moved with it.
  • Will the Merge affect my house or maids in any way?No, the house as a whole with all the trimmings is connected to your character and is therefore moved with it.
  • What happens to my friends list, blacklist and relationships?Everything should remain as it is. Possibly with other nicknames, however.
  • What happens to inactive guilds? Are they also transferred? Since we are merging all accounts this time, including inactive ones, inactive guilds will also be transferred.
  • What impact will the merger have on the auction house? Is it closed and emptied before the merge?The auctions will not be moved. However, before the merge takes place, all auctions are canceled and the items are returned to their sellers. After the merge, you must place them in the auction house again if you want to sell them.
  • What happens to the furniture in my house and the Gildenburg? Everything connected to your character will be merged.
  • What happens to the letters that I receive in my letterbox during the consolidation? Once the merge is complete, everything will still be there.
  • Are there any changes to the siege war due to the merging of servers? No, the server merge will not change the siege war. The system works independently of the number of servers, so there is no need to make any adjustments here.
  • What happens to the magic closet? You don’t have to worry about your magical closet. Players from some servers will have to log in to the account management on our homepage. These players can then transfer their costumes to the new server. If costumes from a previous server merge are still stored there, these can also be transferred.
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