Winter is slowly loosening its icy grip on the country. All over Taborea, the Wabbits come out of their caves and hiding places to enjoy the gentle sunshine. Wabbits and mild weather – what else do we need to celebrate spring in Taborea? Oh, of course! Events! If you prefer to spend the spring with exciting action instead of boring rest, we have just the thing for you.

Boost event

28.3., 00:004.4., 23:59+300%+300%+200%

Easter gifts

Between the 29.3. and 1.4.2024 there is a daily surprise for you with various useful items to help you on your adventures.

If there are several characters on the same account, the character who was logged in first will receive the gifts. If you miss a day, this has no effect on the remaining days.

Enchanted Easter: extra items in the mirror worlds

Upgrade parts drop in all mirror world instances between March 28, 00:00 and April 11, 23:59 (server time).April 23:59(server time).

Spring fever: expand your set skills!

From April 1 at 00:00 until April 28 at 23:59 (server time), Sirloth and the new messenger will assist you in obtaining set skills in the instances Ice Blade Plateau, Valley of Rites, Bone Spire, and Crypt of Eternity.

  • 1.4., 00:00 – 14.4., 23:59: Ice Blade Plateau, Valley of Rites
  • 15.4., 00:00 – 28.4., 23:59: Bone tip, Crypt of Eternity

Have fun
Your RoM team


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