• New 15th anniversary mini-game:
    • The weather changes manual (new item in the minigame store) has been temporarily deactivated due to missing function. However, as it is still available for purchase, we advise you not to buy it for the time being!
    • The minigame can be entered by 3 different goblin NPCs in Logar (Howling Mountains), Varanas (Silver Spring) or Dalanis (Thunderhoof Hill).
    • Once there, you will meet three more goblins. Each of them offers a different service, such as starting the mini-game, a store, etc.
    • When the minigame begins, you will be placed in a festive artillery car. From then on, the task is to eliminate as many goblins as possible using the additional abilities of the vehicle. The more points you can achieve, the higher the rank and the better the reward at the end. However, caution is advised. Some of the goblins can also deduct points.
    • Afterwards you can buy various items in the minigame store, including a new festive artillery cart mount!


  • The increased movement speed of “Transformation Potion – Kogo” has been removed
  • The title “Mighty Battle Soul” now has 500 Physical Critical Hit Rate instead of 50 Physical Critical Hit Rate
  • “Rune Blade” is now bound when picked up and can no longer be sent. The item is deleted when the zone is changed.
  • The “Sinther’s Blessing” buff no longer increases spell speed.
  • The storm height has been adjusted (now only the player or party that killed the monster can open the crate)
  • The drop in the goblin mines has been adjusted (it should now be possible to obtain the complete equipment set)


Pleasure in exchange for work

  • Venue: Donnerhufhügel
  • NPC: Mysterious clown
  • Event Goal: The Mysterious Clown promises you tickets for a show if you help him with a few tasks…

Pleasure in exchange for work II

  • Venue: Donnerhufhügel
  • NPC: Mysterious clown
  • Event goal: The Mysterious Clown has even more tasks… like reading other people’s minds.

Pleasure in exchange for work III

  • Venue: Donnerhufhügel
  • NPC: Mysterious clown
  • Event destination: The Mysterious Clown has another task for you! Deliver the box and you’ll get the tickets! I promise!

Explosive entertainment

  • Venue: Donnerhufhügel
  • NPC: Mysterious clown
  • Event destination: You’ve finally got your tickets and can attend the performance in the Warnorken Arena!

It’s tough being new

  • Start NPC: Numar the newcomer
  • Location: Howling Mountains, outside Logar
  • Event Objective: Help Numar the newcomer by participating in the battle on the Beating Field and share 50x Copper Beating Coin with him.

Magical path to disaster prevention

  • Event type: Turn into a frog, find and catch monsters
  • Start NPC: Sebastian
  • Location: in front of Dalanis
  • Venue: Donnerhufhügel
  • Event goal: Find and collect frogs


  • Event type: Find and kill monsters, collect items
  • Start NPC: Witch Daila
  • Location: Logar and Heffnerlager
  • Venue: Howling Mountains and Coast of Opportunity
  • Event Objective: Find magical frogs and kill them to collect items

Lake of the frogs

  • Event type: Collect items & defeat monsters
  • Start NPC: Misian
  • Location: Heffner warehouse
  • Venue: Coast of Opportunities
  • Event Objective: Collect ingredients, turn into a frog, find items and defeat guards

Candara frog competition

  • Event type: similar to a driven hunt
  • Start NPC: Ivan Asla
  • Location: Varanas
  • Venue: Varanas
  • Event goal: Steer the frogs across the race track to the finish line

Flogg’s fortune cookies

  • Event type: Find & Collect
  • Start NPC: Flogg Shuiss
  • Location: Varanas Bridge
  • Venue: Varanas Bridge
  • Event Objective: Use a transformation to talk to frogs and collect items

Dominion over the sky

  • Event type: Collection with time limit
  • Start NPC: Gredd Starcatcher
  • Location: Varanas Bridge
  • Event goal: Collect the colored balls within the time limit

Frog transformation

  • Event type: turn into a frog, find and catch monsters
  • Start NPC: Standler Luya
  • Location: Varanas Bridge
  • Venue: Silberquell
  • Event Objective: Find fairies and click on them in the correct order

Tidy up the playground

  • Event type: Catch monsters
  • Start NPC: Fell Cage
  • Location: Varanas Bridge
  • Event Objective: Use the net to catch the light crows.

Research materials

  • Event type: Catch monsters
  • Start NPC: Dennis Jones
  • Location: Varanas Bridge
  • Event Objective: Use the scent to catch the floating yaw ball.

Capturing celestial spheres

  • Event type: Collect items
  • Start NPC: Abu Bruchlampe
  • Location: Varanas Bridge
  • Event Objective: Catch the defective celestial spheres for repair

Treasure riot

  • Event type: Find and collect items
  • Start NPC: Kekonee
  • Location: Varanas Bridge
  • Event Objective: Find and collect a set of cards to trade in at Kekonee.

Alali’s test

  • Event type: Find the NPC
  • Start NPC: Peacher
  • Location: Varana’s town square
  • Event objective: Pursue Alalis and find her


  • Event type: Decode and collect dimensional data by fighting the Resaac
  • Start NPC: Toris Misty
  • Location: Varana’s town square
  • Venue: Secret payment room
  • Event Target: Throw energy balls at the Resaac and collect dimensional data
  • Runs every 4 hours for 1 hour: 00:00-01:00, 04:00-05:00, 08:00-09:00, 12:00-13:00, 16:00-17:00, 20:00-21:00

Birthday cake

  • Event type: Interact with the 10th birthday cake and receive a buff and a piece of cake
  • Start NPC: 10th birthday cake
  • Event location: Varana’s town square
  • Event goal: Get two powerful buffs per day


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