There is great anticipation in the air in Taborea as Runes of Magic celebrates its 15th birthday.

We have spent 15 magical years together, full of heroic adventures. We would like to thank you for your many years of loyalty! That’s why we’ve prepared a few big birthday events for you.

Celebrate with us from March 1 and look forward to many events:

We turn up the heat!

Are you missing a few stats? Need a few new extra items? We will support you!

Tomb City of Mirrors (Hard) [1.3. 00:00 – 14.3. 23:59]

Receive double the amount of lower body parts from the mirror chest during this period.

Tomb City of Mirrors (Hard) [15.3 00.00.-27.3. 23:59]

Obtain Lakishna’s earrings from the mirror chest during this period.

Boost Event

Play, have fun and shovel the loot for free! More experience and talent points will be awarded during the event. There are even higher drop rates on top:

18.03 00:0024.03 23:59450%450%300%

Exchange – NPCs

14.03 -21.03 between the maintenance periods

Owenstein and his friends will also be stopping by during the event. Choose your favorite prizes in exchange for the coins mentioned below!

Gift – NPC: Tina

You get 15*coins of the flowers (1 day) for free every day!

Additional rewards

All enemies in the following zones drop 1*Coin of Ice (7 days):

  • Enoch
  • Vortis
  • Chassizz
  • New Pantheon (simple)
  • Tomb of Souls (simple)
  • Sun temple of eternal sleep (simple)

Swap NPCs

Owenstein1500* Coin of Ice (7 days)15* Proof of Myth (bound)
Hilary101* Coin of Blossoms (1 day)250*Old Memento
Frank101* Coin of Blossoms (1 day)1*Seltsame Watermelon Seed
1*Companion Experience Fruit (10,000 points)
Eve35* Coin of Blossoms (1 day)1*Golden sugar melon
1*Birthday cake
1*Birthday muffin

Login Event

Log in every day and collect more gifts from the RoM birthday! Every day we will send you a different gift by in-game mail.

If there is more than one character on an account, the first character to log in will receive the gift.

If you miss a day, this has no effect on the following gift days.

The period isfrom March 12 to March 19.

Forum event

Did you think that was it? Far from it! Look forward to our upcoming forum event where you can grab some fantastic prizes!


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