On Valentine’s Day, there is nothing better for us than spoiling our loved ones, covering them with kisses and showering them with gifts. But of course that doesn’t mean that we stop being the brave adventurers of Taborea for a second! We tirelessly defend the innocent from the fiends of this world.

Boost event

Help your comrades-in-arms during this time of distraction and temptation! Between the 16.2.2024 (0 a.m. server time) and the 18.2.2024 (23:59 server time) you will receive +300% experience and talent points and +200% to your drop rate.

Love lies in the mirror world

Mirror, mirror on the wall, where is the most romantic loot in the land? Arm yourselves, because love penetrates all dimensions! During the Valentine’s Boost event, hearts will rain down on you like confetti in the mirror worlds.

Between February1and February 15 (between maintenance periods) the drop rate of hearts in the mirror worlds is increased.

Letters from a secret admirer

See between 10.2. and the 14.2. in your mailbox – who knows, maybe you’ll find a message from your secret admirer there!


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