New world boss Lakishna has arrived in Taborea!

A new challenge awaits! Lakishna, the daughter of Sharleedah and sister of the fearsome Helveta, is now within reach. Defeat them to receive 3 new earrings that grant unique bonuses and eternal glory to those who are worthy!

Physical earring Magic earring Healing earring

🌐 Location

Enoch (in front Jadezahnsiedlung)

📅 Spawning schedule:

  • Mondays, 18:00 (server time)
  • Saturdays, 21:00 (server time)

[Zusätzliche Info]

Event NPC (Silverfall)

  • The team manager serves as a replacement for the old event-specific entry/activation points (haunted house, bunker progress training area, labyrinth, etc.). In the past, every single custom event had its own entrance/activation NPCs. Now we want to keep everything clearer and easily accessible!
  • Helveta rings have been added to the PoM (Proof of Myth) merchant.


  • % precision removed from Helveta rings
  • Added set bonus for Helveta rings in combination with the new Lakishna earrings
  • New stats added to Helveta rings

New rare stats for Helveta and Lakishna:

  • Strength / Dexterity / Physical attack
  • Intelligence / Wisdom / Magic Attack
  • Stamina / Defense / HP
  • Wisdom / Stamina / HP

[Bekannte Probleme]

  • The PoM (Proof of Myth) vendor in Varanas does not sell some items and instead displays the error message “This item is not sold”.
  • Some mobs that surround the mini-bosses during the fight with the world boss can despawn. This has no effect on the gameplay.
  • Minor localization problems


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