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Snowflake festival

Zachariel was a Grand Mage of the Eye of Wisdom from the time when the Eye of Wisdom still resided on Kolydia. He was widely known for his charitable deeds, bringing the necessary supplies to the needy during the harsh winter.

When the Eye of Wisdom finally came to Candara, they decided to continue this custom in the hope of maintaining good relations with the locals. So, just as Zachariel had already done, they put on a red robe in the season of heavy snowfall and provided the locals with the necessary goods. This gesture helped the people to survive the long winters and also strengthened the locals’ trust in the Eye of Wisdom. It soon became a firm custom that we followed every winter and is now generally referred to as the snowflake festival.

After the Phirius workshops were founded, they made use of this custom. They made a few changes to the red robe and had their people wear these robes when they delivered presents to the children. They were particularly popular with the people and made a good profit.

The Snowflake Festival became increasingly important from year to year. More and more people took part in the Snowflake Festival activities and today nobody wants to miss this wonderful atmosphere and the exciting mood of the Snowflake Festival.

[Festival Übersicht]

  • The Silver Snowflake Festival Socks and Andrew’s Gift Box havethe chance to include limited time variants of the new “Snowflake Festival Sock” mount.

Clock fragments

  • Location: Thunderhoof hill
  • NPC: Pierrot Raischt
  • Event task: Help Pierrot Raischt find clock fragments so that he can give presents to the children when the clock strikes midnight

Magic wall clock

  • Location: Thunderhoof hill
  • NPC: Pierrot Raischt
  • Event task: Help Pierrot Raischt collect materials for a new Snowflake Festival clock.

Distribute Snowflake Festival gifts

  • Location: Thunderhoof hill
  • NPC: Pierrot Raischt
  • Event task: Help Pierrot Raischt place the presents next to the snowmen as quickly as possible.

Flying sock

  • Location: Thunderhoof hill
  • NPC: Charlie Borz
  • Event task: Help Charlie Borz find the hidden Flying Sock.

Save the snowflakes performance

  • Venue: Dalanis
  • Start NPC: Master Harromurk
  • Event task: Help Master Harromurk save the snowflake performance by completing 3 tasks: Accident at the performance, Capture Little Snowmen, Destroy Big Snowman

Collects gifts

  • Venue: in the open world
  • Start NPC: none

New Year’s blessing

  • Location: Varana’s town square
  • NPC: Phirius-Oheim – Mark

Collecting presents

  • Locations:Fir trees in Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Harf trading post, Obsidian Fortress and Dalanis
  • NPC: None

Bank robbery at the Varanas bank

  • Location: Bank of Varanas
  • NPC: Goblin Robber

Saving Phirius homes

  • Location: Logar, Varana’s town square, Silverfall, Harf trading post
  • NPC: Donichuka

Save the snowflake gifts

  • Location: Gates of Varanas
  • NPC: Andrew Dell

Reindeer adoption

  • Place: Dalanis
  • NPC: Pak Dicca

Decorate snowflake trees

  • Location: Varana’s town square and Dalanis
  • NPC: Kolu Max, Koli Max

Gifts from the snow

  • Place: Ystra Highlands
  • NPC: Mira

Snow country

  • Location: Varana’s town square
  • NPC: Snowland exploration transporter

Big snowball fight

  • Location: Varana’s town square
  • NPC: Paige Gingerbread
  • Description: Talk to Paige Gingerbread to be taken to the event area where new enemies await you! Your score is made up of the number of hits you have scored and the number of times you have been hit.
  • Event times: 00:00-01:00, 04:00-05:00; 08:00-09:00; 12:00-13:00; 16:00-17:00; 20:00-21:00


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