Winter events 2023

The Advent season is upon us and the first snow is falling in Taborea. All over the country, people are preparing for this time of year and the Christmas spirit is in the air.

In this land of magic, however, new adventures and challenges lurk around every corner.

This year is no different from the others. Wild monsters roam the land and we have some exciting events planned for you.

Sharpen your swords, polish your armor and check back here regularly for more details on our winter events.

Presents from Santa Claus

Do you remember the days when you used to write letters to Santa Claus? In Taborea, it’s the other way around – at Christmas time, Santa Claus and his helpers send you letters with small gifts.

Don’t miss any of this helpful news! These surprises will be waiting for you between December 24th and January 1st. Look forward to various useful items that will help you on your adventures.

If you have several characters on one account, the one who logs in first will receive the gifts. Even if you miss a day, this has no effect on the following gifts.

Fun in the snow

Night-time snowfall has wrapped Taborea in a soft blanket that sparkles in the rays of the rising sun. Laughing with glee, the children plunge into this cold carpet to take part in the big snowball fight. Even the monsters of the wilderness have to take a hit or two from these sometimes misguided attacks, which provokes them into furious counterattacks!

Can you protect the children? Earn a Boostevent as a reward!

  • Between December 8th (0:00 am)and December 14th (11:59 pm server time) you will receive a +200% increase in the drop rate.
  • Between December 15th (0:00 am)and December 21st (11:59 pm server time) you will receive +150% experience from quests and monsters and +150% talent points from monsters.
  • Between December 22nd (0:00 am) and January 1st, 2024 (11:59 pm server time) you will receive +300% experience from quests and monsters, +300% talent points from monsters and +200% on your drop rate

Please note that the increase in the drop rate is only active if you are in a group.

Christmas trade:

During the event, Owenstein and his friends will offer various rewards in exchange for runes between December 14 (midnight ) and December 21.

Don’t forget to visit them!

NPC # Exchange items Reward
Owenstein 1 100*Activation rune 10*Secret treasure chest XX
Hilary 10 100*Cold 1*companion experience amulet:
Frank 10 100*Shuffle rune 5*Phirius special waters – type E
5*Universal potion
Eva 1 100*Purification rune 5*Sample boy certificate
1*Equipment upgrade package (steel)
1*Handy adventurer’s tool kit

Special rewards

It’s not just the snow that falls in December!

Between December 1st (0:00) and January 1st (23:59) you will receive additional upgrade materials in the mirror worlds!


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