During the busy moonlight grapefruit season, the smell of freshly squeezed juice fills the streets and hard-working men and women gather to reflect on the past year over a cool juice. The large gates of the wineries are open day and night to the cheerfully celebrating crowd.

The juice festival grows from year to year. The Phirius workshops have recognized the popularity and economic potential of these gatherings. They now coordinate these folk festivals and advertise them at various locations. This year, the Juice Festival takes place in every town and cheerfulness and the aroma of freshly pressed juice are in the air.

Overview of the juice festival

  • You can find the entrance to the event zone“Zum stolpernden Ritter” outside Dalanis. (You must have completed the 2020 quest series.)
  • You can obtain items in the Event Zone in exchange for Festive Glass Beads. Talk to the Old Tairu for this!
  • At the start of the juice festival, the prize for completing all event tasks becomes a system in which only some of the tasks need to be completed. As soon as players have completed 5 event tasks, they can receive additional bonuses.
  • If you find a Prost card, you can play a card game with other players.

With pleasure! Let’s go!

  • Venue: Thunderhoof Hills
  • NPC: Dükar Sterlin
  • Event goal: Follow Dükar to the inn and have fun at the festival!

Cheers duel, cheers duel!

  • Venue: Inn “Zum stolpernden Ritter”
  • NPC: Dükar Sterlin
  • Event goal: Play card games, defeat 5 strong opponents and win special prizes! Dükar will explain the rules to you.

That damn beer thief!

  • Venue: Sternhorn, Donnerhufhügel
  • NPC: Thomas Sterlin
  • Event goal: The juice festival has begun, but a thief has stolen the beer! Help Thomas find the thief by asking around!

Which beer is real?

  • Venue: Sternhorn, Donnerhufhügel
  • NPC: Andrews Sterlin
  • Event goal: The thief is ready to return the beer, but there is “real” and “fake” beer. Can you tell which one is the real one?

Who needs a delivery van?

  • Venue: Sternhorn, Donnerhufhügel
  • NPC: Thomas Sterlin
  • Event Objective: Deliver the precious beer with the Oriental Dragon to deter any potential thieves!

Makes Thomas drunk

  • Venue: Sternhorn, Donnerhufhügel
  • NPC: Dükar Sterlin
  • Event objective: Help Dükar catch the real beer thief by teaching him a lesson!

90-second bar

  • Venue: Tergothen Bay
  • NPC: Lejan Doblin

Juice Promoter

  • Venue: Tergothen Bay
  • NPC: “Juice Barrel” Hank

Tasting of a new product

  • Venue: Tergothen Bay
  • NPC: “Iron Cup” Kenden

Don’t be so serious

  • Venue: Tergothen Bay
  • NPC: Lindemannen

Juice delivery

  • Venue: Tergothen Bay
  • NPC: Pechores

Catch the goblins

  • Venue: Varana’s city gates
  • NPC: Praises Kayen

Crazy bartender

  • Venue: Varanas – town square
  • NPC: Shela Berit

The task of making people happy

  • Venue: Varanas – Lower Town East
  • NPC: Aytin Lor

Waiter for a day

  • Venue: Howling Mountains
  • NPC: Ryan Saisheeth


  • Venue: Varanas – town square
  • NPC: Shobot Glan

Juice Olympics

  • Venue: Howling Mountains
  • NPC: Julia Glun


  • Venue: Varanas – town square
  • NPC: Katharine Fulei

Juice courier

  • Venue: Varana’s city gates
  • NPC: Meryl Blake

Juice sample

  • Venue: Donnerhufhügel
  • NPC: Bill Blake
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