The preserver itself has many facets and can shine as a main class, with the various sec classes, as well as with almost all classes as a sec class. But the most versatile side of the preserver is by far the preserver/warrior. With the right equipment, he is in no way inferior to the knight as a tank and as a DD he can also keep up with any current class. Even playable as a “mix”, with Damage-Equip you can both tank and make good DMG.

Table of contents:

Keeper General:

  1. Most important skills
  2. Bufffood
  3. Buffrota
  4. Rota on the boss
  5. Rota in the trash
  6. The Pet

Pimping and equipping as a tank

Pimping and equipping as DD

1st Preserver General – Skills:

In principle, the Preserver/Warrior is a pretty strong TP eater. He needs 11x 77 skill and 7x 50 skill at maximum level, i.e. a total of 255,694,449 talent points.

Attacks Preserver:

Charged Slash – Main attack in single target, as it has neither cooldown (CD) nor global cooldown (GCD)

Power of the Tree Spirit – Main attack in multitarget, as it has neither cooldown nor global cooldown

Double strike – Important on both boss and trash as it has an aggro multi and lowest CD

Beast Strike – single target skill (only recommended for bosses, as it has 7 sec CD and consumes fury), as it builds up more aggro than the double strike

Pulse Control – single-target skill and only for boss, as it requires the “Seal of the Beast”, which is placed on the target using Beast Strike

Slash(Warrior) – Nice gap filler on the boss and suporter for warriors (keep bleeding on CD)

Thorny vines – Singletarget DOT, nice to have, but not a must have

Cross slash – multitarget skill, with aggro multi, but somewhat complicated to use due to the direction of effect of the AOE

Raging undergrowth – multitarget skill, great in PVP due to 6 sec lame of the opponent

Whirlwind(Warrior) – Multitarget skill, but unfortunately consumes 50 Fury

Defense skills:

Scrub Shield – Increases Physical Defense

Protection of nature – Increases maximum HP

Heart of Oak – Great on the boss, as it blocks 2 hits and you can block killing skills

Immortal Power – Like HdE, but this one even blocks 3 hits

Elven amulet – Reduce general DMG suffered (10 sec 20%)

Damage transfer – Part of the damage taken is transferred to companions (cannot be used if companion is down)

Crest – Increases Physical Defense and can even be used on an allied target!

Zealous Guidance – Increases Physical Defense (Cannot be used when companion is down)

Energy Absorption – Reduces Physical Damage dealt to the target

Fierce Leader – Reduces Physical Damage Taken

Defensive Stance(Warrior) – Increases Physical Defense

Companion(Set-Skill) – Restores life

Restriction of movement – stunts the target

Banish – Completely disables the target

Strengthening skills:

Wild Power – Increases Physical Attack Power

Energy Absorption – Increases Physical Attack Power

Fierce Leader – Increases own Physical Damage and reduces party Aggro!

Berserker(Warrior) – Increases Physical Attack Power (but also reduces Physical Defense. Use with caution!)

Grudge (spot) – Increases the aggro caused

Master of the Two-Handed Weapon (passive) – Increases Physical Damage

Natural lifeline (passive) – Increases stamina and strength

Improved precision (passive) – Increases the precision of physical attacks

Brute Force (Warrior – passive) – Increases Strength


Oak Spirit – Increases Physical Defense, as well as the Parry stat + Aggro Multi on Raging Undergrowth

Natural Crystal – “buff bitch” for the group, only recommended if defense is above instance claim (tank), otherwise a great support for the whole group and also recommended as DD.

2. bufffood

The keeper should have the following permafood/skills:

Scrub shield


Protecting nature

Blessing of the flower god

Wedding food

Hero potion

Grassland allsorts/honey cake (depending on values or preferences)

Smoked fish(Tank) – Smoked ribs(DD)

Oak Spirit(Tank) – Natural Crystal(DD)

Scarlet love

Biting obnoxiousness(tank)

However, there is a special feature when choosing the attack food, which is mainly related to the current Bone Nest of the Kulech (hard mode) and the world bosses. The bosses there have an extremely high physical defense. And since Patk only has a noticeable effect when you get to over 1/5 of the boss’s Pdef, Pdmg food is more worthwhile than Patk food for the tank. Patk food is also more worthwhile as a DD, except for the last boss in the nest.

3. buffrota (the same, for DD as well as tank)

The Buffrota is explained very briefly.

  • Energy recovery (Dalani’s set skill)
  • Angry – caviar sandwich
  • Berserker (As a tank pay attention to values !!! Possibly use in combination with crest)
  • Wild power
  • The power of oak
  • Strong stimulant
  • Fierce leader
  • Extinction potion
  • Purified stimulating fragrance(tank)/calming powder(DD)
  • Energy absorption
  • Boldness cape

This can of course be changed depending on requirements (e.g. the boss’s characteristics), but as a tank you should make sure that Wild Leader is always fired at the beginning.

4. rota on the boss (the same, for DD as well as tank)

The Rota on the boss is actually quite easy to explain. You only have to look at the CDs, GCDs and requirements.

And you quickly arrive at the following rota, where you always keep all skills on CD if possible:

Cross cut

Loaded blow

Double blow

Beast strike

Pulse control

Loaded blow

Cross cut

Double blow

This is the “basic rota” where you should always use Charged Slash as a gap filler when the other skills have cooldown. Of course, there are subtleties that can be incorporated. If there is a warrior class in the group, there is the slash and simply the DOT of Thorny Vines to build up some additional aggro.

Cross cut

Loaded blow

Double blow

Beast strike

Pulse control


Cross cut

Double blow

Thorny vines


Beast strike

So, to get the maximum aggro out of it, you should of course take advantage of the non-existent GCD from Charged Slash and put it in front of every skill. This gives you 2 hits per second on the boss.

If it is necessary and you need to activate defense skills, such as damage transfer, then you should fall off the Rota a bit and activate the damage transfer in combination with a Charged Slash.

5. rota in trash (the same, for DD as well as tank)

Unfortunately, the Preserver has a harder time in trash than the Knight due to the CDs of aggro skills. Let’s start with the addendum from a series of Trashmops. The problem is that you don’t really have a ranged combat skill. Personally, I always use the movement restriction because it has the widest range.

If the Adds are then in the vicinity, the first thing you should do is set the cross cut. Make sure that the target is positioned correctly so that all opponents are hit by the AOE. But you just have to practise a bit. Then set Power of the Tree Spirit directly (hits 3 targets), followed by Raging Undergrowth and Whirlwind. Then you should tap through the trash group and recapture escaped enemies with single kills with aggro-multi (double strike – beast strike – pulse control), but don’t forget to keep the 3 AOEs on CD.

6 The pet of the preserver

In terms of pet, the keeper can follow the knight or the warrior. You should also consider what you ultimately want to do with your class. I find the element “earth as a pet” the best, because you do more for the DD (strength – endurance – dexterity), but you don’t lose too much endurance. So you can tank with this pet without any problems, but you can also play the preserver/warrior as a DD, or switch to the warrior/preserver.

However, if you want to go full tank, the pet with the element “light” (stamina – strength – wisdom) is recommended, as with the knight, as this gives you the most stamina. Wisdom also comes in handy here, as the Preserver is quite a mana eater.

The keeper – especially as a tank

First of all, choose the right equipment. Of course, it always depends on what you are pimping for, which ini you are running, which healers you have, etc. But in principle, the plate set is of course recommended. With the nonstats you should make sure that there is a certain balance of Off/Lp/Parry/Dodge and choose the items according to your own preferences. The prevailing opinion is still that the preserver has to use a lot of Pdef and can/must do without LP almost completely. That was once the case when the preserver was introduced as a tank and maybe. one instance after that. In the meantime, however, it doesn’t really matter what the keeper mainly pimps. But you shouldn’t fall too far into the extreme. If the weapon is right, you could theoretically do without Patk altogether. The best statistic at the moment is:

2x Off/LP

3x Off/Def

1x Off/Patk