Grinding Guide to Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that offers a variety of ways to collect and level up experience points (XP). Grinding, i.e. killing mobs, is a common method of gaining XP and advancing your character. This detailed grinding guide shows you how to grind effectively in Runes of Magic.

1st Quest Grinding

Completing quests is a popular method of setting a direction when grinding. These often come with XP and cash rewards and can help make the grind process more exciting and rewarding. Check out the NPC (Non-Player Character) quest givers regularly and complete the available quests to speed up your progress.

2. area grinding

Grinding certain areas is an effective way to gain XP quickly. Different areas offer different levels of mobs, so you should look for areas that are appropriate for your current level. Look out for areas with mobs that respawn quickly and give a good amount of XP.

3. grind in groups

Grinding in a group can be more efficient, as the mobs can be defeated more quickly and therefore more XP can be earned per hour. Cooperate with other players and form groups to grind together. Make sure that the members of the group have roughly the same level in order to make the most of the grinding.

4. use of consumables

Some consumables can help you grind by increasing your damage, boosting your defense or increasing your XP regeneration. Use these items strategically to optimize your grind experience.

5. use your skills correctly

Each character class in Runes of Magic has different abilities that can be used in battle. Learn how to use your skills effectively to defeat mobs faster and collect more XP. Experiment with different combinations and find out which skills suit your style of play best.

6. use experience amplifiers

Experience boosters are special items that allow you to gain more XP per mob defeated. Use them wisely to maximize your XP yield. You can either trade experience boosters or receive them occasionally as a reward for completing quests.

7. keep an eye on your rewards

While grinding, you will not only earn XP, but also receive other rewards such as money, equipment or other items. Make sure you regularly check your inventory to make room for new rewards and keep valuable items.


Grinding in Runes of Magic can be a rewarding way to level up your character and earn XP. Use this Grinding Guide as a guide to grind more efficiently and progress faster. Remember that grinding takes time and patience, so make it a fun part of your gaming experience. Good luck with your grinding!