Arcane transmutation in Runes of Magic: A comprehensive guide with tips and tricks

In this guide, we will look at Arcane Transmutation in Runes of Magic and give you all the important information, tips and tricks to succeed in this complex system.

What is Arcane Transmutation?

Arcane Transmutation is an advanced crafting system in Runes of Magic that allows players to create powerful items and equipment. By combining and transforming different materials, you can obtain unique and improved items.

How does Arcane Transmutation work?

Arcane transmutation consists of various aspects, which we explain in more detail below:

1. collect transmutation reagents

To start Arcane Transmutation, you need to collect Transmutation Reagents. You can obtain these by hunting monsters, mining, harvesting or solving quests. Make sure you collect enough reagents to support your transmutation attempts.

2. learn the transmutation formula

Transmutation formulas are special recipes that show you which materials you need for transmutation and which rewards you can receive. You can obtain transmutation formulas from traders or as rewards in dungeons and battles.

3. perform transmutation

As soon as you have the required reagents and the transmutation formula, you can carry out the transmutation. Go to the transmutation altar and follow the instructions to transform your materials into a new, improved item. Note that each transmutation has a certain energy consumption, so plan your transmutations carefully.

4. experiment with different materials

Arcane transmutation gives you the opportunity to experiment with different materials and discover your own combinations. Try out different transmutation formulas and find out which combinations give the best results.

Tips for arcane transmutation

Here are some tips to help you with Arcane Transmutation:

  1. Research and exchange: Exchange ideas with other players and explore forums or guides to find out more about the best transmutation formulas and material combinations.
  2. Efficient resource management: Make sure you use your reagents and energy carefully. Focus on the transmutation formulas that are most useful for your playstyle or equipment.
  3. Keep an eye on the market: Some transmutation materials can have a higher value on the marketplace. Monitor prices to trade profitably or buy materials you need for transmutations.
  4. Experiment, but keep an overview: Try combining different materials to discover new recipes. However, keep track of your experiments and note down the results in order to achieve repeatable success.
  5. Patience and perseverance: Arcane transmutation requires patience and perseverance. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempts don’t produce the desired results. Some transmutation formulas have a low chance of success, but with perseverance you will be successful.


Arcane Transmutation is a fascinating crafting system in Runes of Magic that allows players to improve their equipment and create unique items. Use this guide to learn the basics and perfect your transmutation skills. Good luck with your transmutations!