Halloween events 2023

Are you strong and fearless? Then we have spooky events for you here! Look forward to daily gifts, hefty boosts and more!

Message from the hereafter

Ghosts and demons want to use the dark time to escape the realm of the dead. In an attempt to send you messages, they conjure up tempting items in your mailbox over the next few days.

Between 20.10. and 26.10., as well as on 31.10.
has a surprise in store for you every day! If you have several characters per account, the gift will be sent to the mailbox of the first character you log in with. If you miss a day during this period, this will not affect the remaining gifts.

Trick or treat

Trick or treat? We have both! Give between 27.10. (00:00) and 05.11. (23:59 server time) Give the wild pumpkins, monsters and demons a treat and enjoy the sweet reward:

  • 250% additional experience
  • 250% more talent points
  • 200% drop boost when you play in a group

Swap NPCs

Owenstein and his friends are from 12.10. until 19.10. back. Not to scare you, of course.

NPC Quantity Required Reward
Owenstein 5 5x guild contribution package (large) 50x gold egg
Hilary 1 5x “Elegant cuisine” delicacies 1x “Special cuisine” delicacy
Frank 3 15x Master’s simple repair hammer 1x nightmare essence

1x loupe-clean ruby

Eve 5 60x dragon vein bundle bags 30x Dreamland Pioneer Seal

20x silver beater coin

10x mirror shard

The haunted house

Do you dare enter the haunted house? Then show from 05.10. until 12.10. how fearless you are and grab exciting prizes!

Solve puzzles, enter the haunted house, kill the boss and secure awesome rewards! How it works: The Team Manager NPC in Silverfall will grant you access to the event zone. You can play from level 75!

Extra spawn from the world boss Helveta

This year we have a special guest on Halloween night. The new world boss Helveta will make a special appearance on 31.10. at 21:00 (server time, same location at the barrier of Mularan in Farsitan). Will that be scary enough?

Have fun being creepy!

Your RoM team

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